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Welcome to Skydda Security Troops Pvt. Ltd our future friend. The exclusive one-stop destination for all your physical security needs. We are currently the biggest network of interconnected authentic security agencies in the nation. Now whether you are a potential client looking for security or a professional looking for work or an agency looking to join our vast network, we will be happy to be of assistance to you. It would be our pleasure to serve you and your contribution in any way in this growing community of ours will be highly appreciated. And by contribution, we mean even mere seconds of your precious time to consult us about your needs or suggest to us how we can provide better services.

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We are Skydda Security Troops Pvt. Ltd. introducing and reimagining the private security sector in an unprecedented and unparalleled way. We are here to cater to all your physical security needs, whether it is personal, for a corporation or any other kind of organization.

The private security sector in our nation is still living in very ancient times. And like a man stuck in quicksand, its standards are going nowhere, but downwards.

Criminals and terrorists alike have only evolved, mastering the beautiful art of technology and are doing optimum resource management.

So we thought why not take some inspiration from these hardworking anarchists and return to them in kind by giving birth to this portal. We are incorporating technology in an industry which has been mostly yellow pages based one and it has never been easier to find the best security solution in the best possible way. But now you are at a one-stop place for all your physical security needs and we guarantee to deliver the best. Feel free to consult us and share your thoughts and needs with us.

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We have a big vision because of our big dreams and our big thinking. We have visualized a private security sector which is far more advanced and efficient in both technological and brute manpower terms.



What is our mission? It is simple. We are on a mission to shape the Private Security Sector into a force so intimidating that one day the criminals and terrorists will be scared to even come out of their hiding holes and commit crimes.


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“Having changed various agencies before for our apartment/society, we were tired of security guards taking days off work without notice and frequently sleeping at night. Security troops solved our problem by giving us good security guards and night watchmen. And with the help of their app, we can track and check our guards in live time. This is very handy. We love their services.”

Kapil Taneja @ Purple Group

“Our hospital has had security guards from security troops for 8 months now. The security guards provided to us are very polite and professional. They are also very helpful. I have seen them helping patients out very much. One time a guard carried an unconscious woman to the third floor because lifts were out of service. We are very fortunate to have them.”

Vijay Rathore @ Tagore Hospital

“I am a builder and while recently working on a construction site, my workers went on a strike. Thankfully I already had been taking security services from security troops. The workers were getting a bit violent and the strike could have broken out into a vicious riot had it not been the intelligence of security guards. They talked to the workers and calmed them down. The strike subsided peacefully after a few negotiations. The security guards saved the day and maybe my life too.”

Shishram Choudhary @ RMC

“I am a married man, with a wife, my old parents and two kids in my family. In a marketing job, I have to go on frequent tours out of the city and being a well to do family I am always a bit paranoid for the safety of my family when I am away. Recently I acquired temporary watchmen for my home and I think it has been one of the best decisions of my life. The security guards are always doing their duty properly. And one thing I like best about them is that they are very friendly with the family, especially the kids. The kids feel happy and comfortable around them. These security guards have become a part of my family.”

Anant Joshi

“I have been using security services from security troops for my events for a long time now. The bouncers provided to me have always been top class. Recently at an event, after getting drunk, two guys started waving guns around. After asking around we found out that they were sons of some local politician. They were getting violent and harassing women around. Somehow the bouncers calmed them down using passive threats and some wise talking and sent them home in a cab. I was very thankful that the tense situation was taken care of without anyone getting hurt. Thanks to the intelligence of bouncers.”

Madhusudan @ Pavitra Bandhan