16 Mar

Why Do We Need Commercial Security Services?

One of those things is the security of your valuables, office equipment, security of your employees' etcetera. Here hiring private security services can be a solution. Let's break the benefits down and see the profits you will reap if you hire Security Services for your firm.

27 Feb

Security Category in India

Now talking about security categories in India there are 5 types of security  SPG (Special Protection Group), NSG (National security guards), Z+, Z Plus, Z, Y and X from higher to lower category.

20 Feb

All You Need to Know About Z Plus Security

You must all have heard about Z Plus security but did you know what actually goes behind the scene. Here's all you need to know about it. The National Security Guards (NSG), Indo- Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), Special Protection Group (SPG) and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) are amongst those forces that provide security.

31 Jan

Z plus security politicians list

Here we will talk about the politicians who are provided the highest level of security services. There are many politicians who are provided security services by the SPG as a top class. Here we will talk about the security of many politicians like Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Mayawati, Yogi Adityanath, Arun Jaitley.

30 Jan

Want to Become a Female Security Guard? Here's is The Inside Details

When you see a women security guard, you should know they have been through a tough and years of training to be where they are. There are no strict rules for a Women security guard to complete their education. Get learn about the education relates to security, get some small review about needs, training, career paths of a Female security guard.

03 Jan

Duties of a Chief Security Officer (CSO)

The CSO keeps the security personnel under him/her in check, whether they are in proper uniform if they are working and keeping watch at the spots assigned to them, if they are keeping themselves fit and attentive for work etcetera.

03 Jan


Here some tips to keep secure valuable things from robbers if anyone is following all these things than it is very difficult for anyone to enter your apartment. All security companies try to provide securities to every person still you are the only one who can protect yourself more than anyone else.

03 Jan


Here some of the best security companies which provide the best services to their clients. Here we talk about G4S, Security AB, ADT, Dyn Corp, GardaWord, etc. All companies are different from each other but there is one common thing in all these security companies that is they all have very well trained security guards and officers.

20 Dec

Role of Private Security Forces in Counter-Terrorism

Putting it in simple words, today’s Private Security Companies’ security guards have a simple purpose - deterrence against any kind of anarchy and crimes. They are employed around universities, schools, hospitals, malls, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants etcetera for security services these places where public security companies cannot provide protection 24/7. Security guards of private security companies are more efficient than the security guards of public security companies.

16 Dec

What are the Job Duties of a Security Guard?

It is not apart of protection and safety but there are many other services also. All you need to remember about the duties and responsibilities of the security guard. Here you go. So being a security guard isn’t an easy task, but also not an impossible one too. This job requires strength, both physically and mentally. You need to be strong enough to face and tackle any type of bad situation.

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