16 Dec

Confession of bodyguard

There are different confession stories that you might have read about but have you ever thought about or ever read about the confessions of a security guard.

16 Dec

34 great ideas for running a security department

People from all around will need protection in their businesses, institutions, and organizations with their growing economy. This will increase the exigency of security programs and departments and will hype their careers.

16 Dec

Hot Female Bodyguards Who Will Make You Go Weak On The Knees

Many celebrities nowadays also have female bodyguards who keep threat at arm’s length. These hot female bodyguards are the real beauties with brains having guns in their hands to protect people, which portrays that a woman can be both beautiful and strong.

16 Dec

How to become a prison guard

Knowing How to become a prison guard is not a mystery there are a series of steps that need to be followed and accomplished to become.

16 Dec

Qualification of being a Security Guard

A security guard is the one who patrols and monitors buildings and other areas to prevent and stop incidents such as thefts and acts of violence. They give us this feeling of safety. The huge number of companies hire security guards and security managers.

16 Dec

Importance of Security Guards in Schools or Colleges

This problem of safety in schools and colleges is becoming widespread around the globe today. Crime rates are increasing tremendously and today’s lack of morals in the society is turning the world into a living hell. This is the world we live in today and everywhere we see is the high lack of security services.

16 Dec

Do Security Guards Have Any Authority? Are We Supposed To Follow Them?

At any private place like residence, hotel, hospital, school etcetera and at any private event the private security guards are hired to enforce the laws or rules set by the owner or the organizer. So if the rules at anyone of such place say “ no shoes allowed “, the hired security will have the right to and will enforce it, and if you want to enter the premises you will have to take off your shoes.

16 Dec

How To Plan Security For an Event?

We all know panning a massive and special event is really a tough thing and providing the security services to the event is tougher. The first thing which comes in our mind when we plane an event is event security, well, if you keep the following things in mind, you don’t have to worry about the event security. Let’s start:

16 Dec


A security officer requires some very important skills and these skills are a lot more than the physical fitness and ability to stand for hours. Every security guard should have the ability to recognize every sign related to danger and he should have the ability to prevent or control the situation before the situation becomes a threat.

16 Dec

How are Security Companies Helpful in Background Checks? Why Get a Background Check?

The security agency does all the work of the investor and provides him all the verified information. On the basis of information provided by the security company, the investor decides, should he invest or not? The company’s reputation has always been a great concern to workers, big companies always able to attract skilled and qualified persons.

16 Dec

What are the duties of a Ship Security Officer (SSO)?

the safest route for the terrorist to enter any country is via sea, so the main objective of this code was to ensure the safety and to escalate the security of the ship, port facilities, seafarers and government authorities. Under the ISPS code for the vessels, we have a Company Security Officer and Ship Security Officer.

04 Nov


Technologies made the surveillance easy for the private investigators or security agencies but they should also have the knowledge about the technology. They need to keep them updated. Any method or device used by security companies that give information above the public should be used with some rules because these things can be proved illegal in the future. If you give your case to any private security agency, the true investigator of the security agency goes through the following stages:-

16 Jul

Security Guard Interview Tips

If you are hiring someone for your or your company's protection, you must know these valuable Security Guard Interview Tips to ensure you chose the best.

11 Mar

Which Act Regulates The Private Security Industry?

According to a report published by FICCI-Grant Thornton, the Private Security sector in India is about to grow exponentially at the rate of 20% over the next few years and has the potential to become 800 billion worth by 2020.

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