04 Mar

Qualification of being a Security Guard

A security guard is the one who patrols and monitors buildings and other areas to prevent and stop incidents such as thefts and acts of violence. They give us this feeling of safety. The huge number of companies hire security guards and security managers.

21 Jan

Confession of bodyguard

There are different confession stories that you might have read about but have you ever thought about or ever read about the confessions of a security guard.

02 Nov

What are the duties of a Ship Security Officer (SSO)?

the safest route for the terrorist to enter any country is via sea, so the main objective of this code was to ensure the safety and to escalate the security of the ship, port facilities, seafarers and government authorities. Under the ISPS code for the vessels, we have a Company Security Officer and Ship Security Officer.

21 Jan

Security Category in India

Mostly security is provided to the VVIPs-VIPs-Sports personality- celebrities or any high profile or political person. Now talking about security categories in India there are 5 types of security  SPG, Z+, Z, Y and X from higher to lower category.

16 Jul

Security Guard Interview Tips

If you are hiring someone for your or your company's protection, you must know these valuable Security Guard Interview Tips to ensure you chose the best.

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