Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) | Function of CDS | General Bipin Rawat

Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) | Function of CDS | General Bipin Rawat

India has become the fifth country to be appointed Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) after the US, Britain, China, and France. General Bipin Rawat was appointed as the first CDS on 30th Dec 2019. He retired as the Chief of Army Staff on 01st Jan 2020. Now from 02nd Jan 2020, General Rawat will take over as the CDS. Meanwhile, the US congratulated him on becoming India's first CDS and said that this would increase cooperation between the armies of the two countries.

US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) Alice Wells retweeted US Ambassador Kenneth I. Juster, saying - Congratulations to General Rawat on becoming the first CDS. The CDS will help to increase greater coordination between the armies of the two countries. This was also discussed in the recent 2 + 2 dialog. This includes maneuvers or sharing of information between the armies of the two countries.

The Government of India has created this post for the first time. On 15th August 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the creation of the post of CDS. This is the first time the Indian government has appointed General Rawat as the country's highest level defense officer.

General Bipin Rawat completed three years as Army Chief on 31st December. He was appointed Chief of the Army on 31st December 2016. He will now serve as CDS till 2022. His main role will be to create synergy between the three armies (Land (Army), Water (Navy), Air (Airforce)).

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Which countries have CDS or its equivalent officers


The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC), here, has an equivalent position to our Chief of Defense Staff and directly advises the US President and Minister of Defense on national security and inter-security. General James C. McConville since 9 August 2019 is the current CJCSC.


Here, the Chief of Defense Staff is the professional head of the army. He is the Defense Minister and the prime security adviser to the Prime Minister. He works with the Permanent Under-Secretary of the Ministry on planning and planning. General Sir Nick Carter from June 2018 is the current CDS.


The Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission is the apex body of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) here. It operates under the Central Military Commission. Its headquarters are in Beijing. The current Chief of Joint Staff, Huang Shu-Kuang since 16 January 2020 is the chief.


Here the Chief of Staff of Armies is the head of all the armies. He leads all types of military operations. They are responsible for all operations from planning to execution. Currently, General François Lacontre since 20 July 2017 holds this position.

What is Chief of Defense Staff

In simple language, it will be the highest rank of the three armies. The Chief of Defense Staff is the only person who advises the government on defense plans and management. He will not only make coordinate in the three armies but will also be in touch with the government regarding manpower, equipment, and action plans. In any operation, joint forces of the three armies will also be ensured. This will ensure synergy between the Intelligence Grid and National Security. The person sitting in this post will ensure the use of the three armies.

The history behind Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) in India (History behind the CDS post)

This is not the first time in India that the post of Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) is being created. Even after the Kargil war of 1999, the initiative to create the post of a Chief of Defense Staff in India was taken on the basis of the recommendation of the K. Subrahmanyam Committee. But it could not proceed due to political disagreements and apprehensions.

The Naresh Chandra Committee recommended the appointment of a permanent chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC) in 2012 and was doing the same before the new CDS was created.

The major functions of CDS are as follows (Functions of CDS)

Prior to the selection of the CDS, only the senior-most Chief of the three Army Chiefs served as the Chairman of the Chief of Staff Committee (COSC). The role of COSC is additional and the tenure is very short. The main functions of CDS are as follows.

1. The Chief of Defense Staff will act as an advisor to the government on important defense and strategic issues for the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister.

2. The CDS will act as the Principal Military Advisor to the Defense Minister on the affairs of the three services.

3. CDS will also serve as the Prime Minister's military advisor on nuclear issues.

4. The task of the Chief of Defense Staff will be to act as the Coordinator for the long term planning, training, procurement, and transportation functions between the three wings of the Army.

5. The CDS will act as the military advisor to the Nuclear Command Authority.

6. He will not use any military command, and in this case, the rules will remain the same.

7. CDS will be a member of the Defense Acquisition Council headed by the Minister of Defense.

8. He will be the permanent chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee.

9. He will also act as the head of the Department of Military Affairs.

Hence, the post of Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) was urgently needed to increase coordination between the three wings of the Indian Army in view of the policy of the neighboring countries of India. After having this post, limited defense resources will be better utilized and the country will be protected during any war-like situation.

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