Duties of a Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Duties of a Chief Security Officer (CSO)

The post of Chief Security Officer is a versatile post and the duties vary from organization to organization. It all depends on what kind of Chief Security Officer are we talking about.

In big corporations, the main job of the CSO is to oversee and maintain all the security-related architecture of the corporation. Whether it is checking that all of the security personnel are doing their jobs perfectly or maintaining and protecting the sensitive information of the corporation and making sure that the systems of the corporation don’t get breached, its the job of the Chief Security Officer.

The lines between the Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Security Officer usually get blurred in big corporations. But we will focus on the duties of CSO according to our nation where the Private Security Sector is still a developing industry.

The main duties of the CSO in India mainly consist of maintaining and overlooking the physical security of the corporation or organization which hires Private Security.

Anyplace where there is a team of Private Security Guards working, one of them is assigned as the head of the Security Team. That person is called the Chief Security Officer. He or she will keep the Security Personnel working at the place in check. All the Security Guards working at the place have to follow the orders of their CSO.

Delving deeper into the duties of a Chief Security Officer:

  1. Whenever someone hires a private security agency, and a team is selected to be assigned at the place for security, it is the CSO who will thoroughly examine the building’s infrastructure, all the entry, and exit points etcetera and will assign security guards to guard spots accordingly.

  2. After studying the schematics of the particular building or place to be protected, the CSO advises on how to place and where to place certain equipment like surveillance cameras, metal detectors, motion sensors, fire alarms etcetera.

  3. The CSO keeps the security personnel under him/her in check, whether they are in proper uniform if they are working and keeping watch at the spots assigned to them, if they are keeping themselves fit and attentive for work etcetera.

  4. The CSO does damage control in cases of emergencies and further sets a path to solve the problem. He or she acts as the general of an army who instructs the troops on how to tackle the situation and what is the best path to take.

  5. The CSO is the one controlling the communication on local radios and keeps on checking by using a radio.

  6. The CSO is the one who decides what action to take if any person is detained or put in a citizen’s arrest by any guard due to some disturbance or unallowed activity done by him/her.

  7. The CSO will contact the local government authorities in case of any mishappening occurs. The CSO, being completely knowledgeable of the building’s structure is the first one to converse with the local authorities when they arrive. The local authorities will gather all the information about the building and its structure before entering it in case of an emergency from the CSO.

These are some of the various important duties of a Chief Security Guard assigned to any place or person. And we have also observed that the duties have an air of importance to them that they can not be given to any new security guard who is green. These duties can only be fulfilled by a guard who at least has an experience of 5 years in the field and has an exemplary record of service.