How to hire a bodyguard?

How to hire a bodyguard?

How to hire a bodyguard?

Before answering this question we need to know who is a bodyguard and why does someone needs a bodyguard and who are the people who hire a bodyguard?

According to the dictionary definition: - A person who is employed to guard a person against bodily harm is known as a bodyguard.

A bodyguard is a type of security guard or a soldier, who protects a person or people to whom he serves or is hired for.

Now, who are the people who generally hire the bodyguard?

People like high-level politicians, government officials, wealthy people, celebrities and most controversial people are the one who hires a bodyguard.

Why do these people need a bodyguard?

All this important public person are in danger of paparazzi or stalkers, assault, life-threatening situations, assassination, harassment, kidnapping, theft, loss of confidential information or any other criminal offense. So this leads them to keep a bodyguard who can protect them from all the above situations.

Now coming back to the main topic how to hire a bodyguard?

To hire a bodyguard one has to follow a few steps that will lead them to hire efficient and well protective bodyguard. Let’s check out those steps.

  1. Budget:-

Budget plays a very important role in hiring a bodyguard as there are many different types of agencies with several different types of services one has to first think setting a budget according to one can hire a bodyguard.

  1. Level of danger:-

One cannot just hire Z+ security to guard them of the situation like paparazzi or stalkers or theft and waste the hell lot of money. So you have to take this into consideration that what danger are you facing and do research about who can protect you from that danger.

  1. What type of bodyguard one will be needing:-

As now you know your budget and your danger level it is time to think which type of bodyguard you will need. There are mostly 2 classes of bodyguard 1) Hostile environment, 2) Executive protection.

  • Hostile environment class bodyguard:-

Hostile type bodyguard is military oriented and carries out close and constant protection.

  • Executive protection class bodyguard:-

Executive class bodyguard is the one who protects celebrities, royalty or politicians etc. who look for professional services.

  1. What is the service you require:-

After deciding the bodyguard type it is now important that you think of what services do you require from your bodyguard. Like do you want a bodyguard who is protecting you 24x7 or the one who is protecting you only at night time or only while you are traveling or just for a day?  Once you decide all this start searching for agencies.

  1. Searching a bodyguard providing agencies:-

One cannot hire any muscle-bound person off the street to be your protector. You have to search for professional local agencies that are certified for providing well-trained bodyguard and know their job well.

  1. Check for the authenticity of the agency:-

If you are thinking only NSG (national security guard), SPG(special protection group) or police are the only ones who can provide you with bodyguard then might be wrong as there are many independent contracted agencies which also provides this services. Make sure the agency you choose is certified before contacting them. You have to search for online reviews or get recommendations from people you know who are taking services.

  1. Research for bodyguard licensing required in the state/ country:-

Before you start interviewing your candidates make sure you do a research on what licensing are required in your state or country for being a bodyguard. As every country or state has specific requirements for issuing personal security requirement.

  1. Checklist for the interview:-

After you have done all your research on legal agencies and what all licenses are required for a bodyguard you need to make an interview checklist which will solve your question about how to hire a bodyguard?

  1. Check that the candidate has all the required license if not that means he or she is not well trained or have an illegal reason for not continuing his/her services to the country or agency.

  2. Also, check all the necessary documents of the candidate.

  3. Do a background of your chosen candidate. Like if they have any criminal record or are genuine, are they fully efficient to protect you or no.

  4. Questions to be asked:-

On the day of the interview, one has to ask relevant questions to the candidate. Like, ask what their special skills are, who were they serving before? All about their past experiences give them a situation and ask them how they will save you from that situation. Ask for their past weapon experience and are they holding legal weapon license. Lastly, ask them to provide you with some references so that you can contact them for any extra required quire.

  1. Last things to do before you hire a bodyguard:-

Once you shortlist few your candidate check for his/her their physical abilities. Ask them to do a proper health check-up, which will make sure that they are capable of protecting you in any situations. Finally, you have to make an employment agreement that includes important factors like date of joining and ending date, pay rate, working conditions and holidays. Make sure that the agreement is legally valid and signed by the bodyguard and you. This will help to clear all the future misunderstanding.

This solves your question about how to hire a bodyguard?

Yes hiring a bodyguard is not an easy task, one has to do a lot of research work, background check, go thru all legal procedure, check with all the required licenses and certificates, interviewing the candidate lastly checking up on their physical condition and then after all this hard work one can hire well-trained bodyguard, but after hiring them don’t just leave your job make sure you have a good check on them after all its all about your safety.