Role of Private Security Forces in Counter-Terrorism

Role of Private Security Forces in Counter-Terrorism

The Private Security Sector is growing day by day tremendously. The very obvious indication of this growth is that the Government Security Services are proving inadequate for whatever reasons and the sophistication in today’s technology has increased the need for security in many ways.

As much as we are advancing and trying to make things better, anarchy always makes things utter chaos and leaves us at the bottom. The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Mumbai attacks ( the Taj Hotel ) are examples of such anarchy.

Putting it in simple words, today’s Private Security Forces have a simple purpose - deterrence against any kind of anarchy and crimes.

They are employed around universities, schools, hospitals, malls, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants etcetera to safeguard these places where government security cannot provide protection 24/7.

Prevention is always better than cure.

The main role of any Private Security Guard hired for a particular place or person is to look out for any kind of suspicious behavior by anyone. Risk assessment in real time can be called the quality described. Private Security also plays an important role in responding to critical situations.

How can a private security guard prevent attacks from happening? 

We should know the fact today that the number of Private Security Guards in the nation has substantially surpassed the number of Government Security Officials available in the nation today. This clearly indicates the fact that we cannot completely rely on public servants to keep private places safe.

Now, these Private Security Guards are trained to handle dog squads, X-ray detectors, and various surveillance technologies like surveillance cameras and motion sensors. Such skills and devices come in very handy at airports, hospitals, malls etcetera.

These security guards work as eyes everywhere, observing and keeping things in mind that look out of usual. Like people doing photography could be scoping out the place for planning a future attack, or anyone looking unusual, placing packages that might contain explosives, or someone trying to conceal their identity. Such behavior can tip-off a security guard of any kind of danger.

These are some of the things that can prevent any kind of terrorist attack.

But as these Security Guards are using new technologies for their jobs, the terrorists these days are getting far more sophisticated. They are somehow acquiring a high level of military equipment and training. And sometimes with all the efforts done, an attack happens somewhere, anyway.

How are private security guards helpful in case of an attack? 

In such unfortunate cases,

  • These hired security guards are the first response against the threat and the first on the scene to rescue and help people.

  • They try to get innocents out of the situation in the best possible way and armed guards can return suppressive fire too and hold the place against attackers till police and backup arrive.

  • They have the advantage of knowing the place and its passages like the back of their hand as they work there and thus have an advantage in comparison to any attackers or government authority or police.

  • So in case of an attack, they are instrumental in guiding police or counter-terrorists through the place. They can point out all entries and exits, any trapdoors or such, all blind spots and the architecture of the building. This type of information proves extremely important in a tactical situation when the authorities are trying to rescue hostages or are planning to engage the hostiles.

  • The hired security officials can further help by telling the location of hostiles and hostages and all the pathways to reach them.

  • They also have information about the security installments in the building like surveillance cameras or doors that require particular combinations or keycards to open. All this information comes in very handy in tactical situations.

So we realize the important role Private Security Forces play in Counter-Terrorism. They are the first line of defense on the spot where government officials can’t be always present.

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