What are the Job Duties of a Security Guard?

What are the Job Duties of a Security Guard?

A hospital? College? Bank? Who doesn’t need protection? Everybody needs it. And when it comes over security, there comes only one name that is security love. It is not apart of protection and safety but there are many other services also. All you need to remember about the duties and responsibilities of the security guard. Private Security Companies check every skill of applicants before hiring them for the post of security officers because all the qualities mutually depend on each other and how qualities depend on each you will know by the end of this article. Whenever you want to hire security officers from security companies, you should know the duties and responsibilities of security guards whom you are going to hire. Here you go.

Safety comes first:

For all the security guards, safety should be at the top of the list. The first aim of all security officers is safety in any type of crisis and they have to protect people from any kind of harm. Security guards should be fast enough to inform in pre when anything unusual comes to their side.

The first thing all the security companies teach their security guards is that “ the safety of others is more important than their own safety”.

Game of defense:

Defensive nature is a must because this is what security guards are known for, playing the defense game at an A level. Security guards need to be active and strong enough to shield the building and people they are guarding form any sort of attack.

Security guards who have a high quality of leadership are more efficient in the game of defense.

A for Activeness:

To make their name big in their field, Security officers need to be active. Nobody appreciates sluggish people in this field or any other field. So being a security guard, you need to be active enough to act over the critical situation and fast enough to implement your actions. There are very high chances that security companies would fire you when they come to know that you are vell dull in-activeness.

Security officers should be alerted every time and should avoid all the distractions which stop them to do their work.

Vibes travel:

An optimistic nature never goes unnoticed. One should be positive enough for himself and for others too, as vibes travel and your negativity will definitely affect others. So having a positive attitude is really very important.

Positivity is key to success and in the duty of security officers, you have to keep your attitude positive because it’s not only about your work but also about the safety of persons or property. 

Communication is the key:

It is well said that communication is the key to everything. One should be good at this part because how will you survive without communicating. Greeting employees and people around you should be a thing of interest for you.

If you are not skilled in communicating than there is a very low chance of your hiring by any security companies.

Observing the odd:

Observations should be made carefully and one needs to be good at it. Spotting the odd counts the most. Observational skills should be so strong that anything peculiar cannot go unnoticed from the eyes.

Private Security Companies that give training to these security guards train these guards in such a manner that they have very good observing skills and any security guard can observe any unpleasant element on site in very less period of time.

Thalamus and cortex:

Thalamus, cortex, and reticular formation are the areas of the brain involved in the phenomenon of consciousness. So basically, all the security officers need to be conscious for the sake of building and the people they are guarding.

Problem solver:

You need to be quick and good at problem-solving find quick solutions for the type of prices. Private security companies train the security officers' brains in such a way that they can tackle any type of problem as soon as possible.

When you go for the post of security guards interview than the first thing the security companies check is your problem-solving skills. 

Write up:

Your work is not only confined to protection. You should be upskilled in writing work also so that you present well-written reports about all the day to day activities. If security guards are good at their fieldwork than they do not need to worry about writing skills because their private security companies train them and make their skills in writing.


Each and every private security companies provide uniform to their security guards which make them different from the crowd. It is important for you to be clearly visible whether in a crowd or not as the presence of a security guard makes the criminals think thrice before committing any crime. So visibility is also important for you to keep in mind.

The presence of security guards itself prevents the crime at the site because no one dares to attend a crime( such as a robbery ) in the presence of any security officer.

Getting help:

You never know what wrong may happen at any party, conference, or get-together. A security guard should always be attentive and fast enough to get help like calling in an ambulance or informing the police as soon as possible. If you have good communicating skills then you would very highly successful in it.

In other words, we can say that security officers should have the good skills of operating the situation by involving the common persons who are present at the site at the time of disaster.

If any crime happens at a site than the first thing security officers should do is to call law enforcement.


The basic qualities are those qualities that should be present in each and every security officers of security companies. 

There are some basic duties and work like one should know how to do the first aid in any sort of emergency. Driving is also one of the basics. You should keep an eye on people, cars, and everything going and out.

Active senses:

It is not an easy job to keep an eye over everything happening in and out. And not the only eye but smelling and hearing abilities should also be strong. Just in case of burning and breaking, strong senses are required. Strong senses are required in every field, not only in guarding, senses should always be kept open.

Maintaining order and discipline:

As we know, guards are present in conferences, political speeches, and programs involving large crowds or a high number of people. And it is their sole duty to maintain discipline during any sort of crisis as people panic fast and panic makes the situation worse. So it is important to maintain the crowd and avoid any type of chaos and misshape.

Damage in his presence:

You need to be much conscious and attentive to avoid any type of property or structural loss. He should be strong enough both physically and mentally for any type of situation.

So being a security guard isn’t an easy task, but also not an impossible one too. This job requires strength, both physically and mentally. You need to be strong enough to face and tackle any type of bad situation. Your nature and involvement also count here. Being a guard is not only just about protection and safety.

Now you know about the responsibilities that are actually there yet, things are hard but not impossible

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