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Although there are many types of security in the world, here we will talk about only physical security. Through physical security, you get many facilities like your security, security of your home, the security of your business. Here we will talk about security services types provided by private security companies and security companies.

29 Aug


Security Guard Training refers to the training given to any aspirant trying to join and serve in the private security sector. The type of training depends on the type of fieldwork ( gunman, security guard, bodyguard, etc. ) the newbie will be doing. But the common aspect taught in all types of security training is to be more alert, calm in tense situations and being in control and aware of your environment.

13 Mar


Private refers to anything that is the personal property of an individual or an organization. The property doesn’t belong to a government and can’t be subjected to public use without the permission of the owner.

12 Mar

Chief Security Officer

The main job of the CSO is to oversee and maintain all the security-related architecture of the corporation. Whether it is checking that all of the security personnel are doing their jobs perfectly or maintaining and protecting the sensitive information of the corporation and making sure that the systems of the corporation don’t get breached, it’s the job of the Chief Security Officer.

05 Mar

Private security

Private security refers to the paid security hired by any individual/group of individuals for the protection of any property, event, another person, group of persons, the individual/group itself, business, valuables etcetera. Private Security serves only the person or property they are hired for and are not responsible for the protection of anyone/anything else unless they are told to do so by the employer and are paid for it.

01 Mar


There are always security job vacancies available in the industry of the Private Security Sector. Every day new vacancies are popping up which need a particular set of skills and security agencies are always looking for professionals with experience and a good skill set. At Security troops, we are updating vacancies by every second on our dedicated app. Anyone interested to apply for a particular vacancy needs to submit the documents required for the vacancy. Once you do that, we will personally vet you.

27 Feb


Security Guards serve a lot of purposes where-ever they are hired. They do the risk assessment, damage control in cases of emergencies, they have exceptional observational skills to counter anything out of order etcetera. Gunmen are usually deployed at places of high-risk probability. These specialists have a particular set of skills. Gunmen have the tactical knowledge of how to engage hostiles, they are expert marksmen and have a vast knowledge of weapons and ammunition. These highly trained professionals are specialists in protecting and looking out for a person. Bodyguards can be armed or unarmed, if they are armed, they will have a weapon, concealed or unconcealed, properly licensed by the government. Bouncers are the big muscly guys with intimidating looks used outside and inside pubs, restaurants, discos, and personal events etcetera, to facilitate entry in the premises by checking IDs or guest invites. The term Valet covers a broad area of services. But we are focusing on the Valets that are assigned at the entrance of any commercial place to take customers’ vehicles and park them in the designated parking area expertly when they arrive.

27 Feb


We offer efficient and trustworthy security guards for your apartment security needs, and we also provide an app that will help the clients in various ways to manage their security guards.  We provide highly trained and experienced, both armed and unarmed security guards for personal security. You can choose an agency through our app to provide you with desired services, then select the team of security guards through the roster of all the available security personnel at the agency. You can check out each security guards’ portfolio on the app which will tell you about their skills and experience and decide on the security guards you want.

26 Feb


Security guards monitor attribute and defend people, land, vehicles, and buildings from impairment. They are qualified to repair security systems, operate monitoring cameras, communicate with law implementation, and monitor and watch locations and property for threats. Security guards must be patient, careful, and possess outstanding analytical abilities and stamina to succeed on the job. A bodyguard's role might include defending wealthy people, political characters, celebrities, attending dignitaries or many professionals. A bodyguard defends clients from threats, threatening dangers and even possible crime. Bodyguard instruction depends on the appropriate kind of work. Bouncers are normally found at clubs, bars, and music venues to help keep order and make sure everyone is safe and has a good time. They control people by checking id's and cover charge at the door, make sure nobody is acting aggressively or destructively and defends property and material from damage. Gunman Responds to unexpected or emergency conditions at the client’s site using the proper escalation of force level up to and including armed acknowledgment by following established rules. Valets will stand in front of the corporation, get keys from the drivers, help with any baggage, and then drive the car to a parking lot, or parking place near the company. When the car owner comes back, valets run to reclaim the car and help them inside.

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