Hot Female Bodyguards Who Will Make You Go Weak On The Knees

Hot Female Bodyguards Who Will Make You Go Weak On The Knees

What happens to your mind when you listen to the word bodyguard? Here we have a list of some female bodyguards. Whether it is about shielding a pop star, politicians or any public figure, they are always trying to protect their clients no matter what. Though most of them have tried to remain away from the limelight behind their black goggles there are some of them who achieved fame.

Many celebrities nowadays also have female bodyguards who keep the threat at arm’s length. These hot female bodyguards are the real beauties with brains having guns in their hands to protect people, which portrays that a woman can be both beautiful and strong. Their choice to choose this profession shows how strong they can be mental, emotionally and physically. Libyan dictator Gaddafi was infamous for having a circle of female bodyguards.

Hence below is a list of some hot female bodyguards with a little brief which you would find interesting to read.

Veena Gupta

  • The responsibility of executive security, including logistics and security, was handled by Veena Gupta for the marriage ceremonies of Liège Hurley and Arun Nayyar in Mumbai and Udaipur, India.

  • Veena Gupta is also known as Lady Bodyguard or Dabang Singh. Veena Gupta is the founder of Seam Group Services.

  • Veena Gupta took training in the security and protection business from Bangkok. When the company ceased operations in 2008, Veena started working on freelance assignments.

  • Veena Gupta learned all that is required in security services such as martial arts, Krav Maga, karate, boxing, and fighting with knives, guns, or just his hands.

  • There are also core parts of Seam Group Services such as Women in Security (WIS) and My Security, My Responsibility (MSMR).

  • Seam Risk Solutions operates in many main cities of India and is headquartered in Gurugram.

  • Apart from this, Veena Gupta also trains men and women to become security officers.

Anna Loginova - The Russian female bodyguard

  • She was a Russian model who later chose this profession and turned into a female bodyguard.

  • Anna used to work for Russia’s high profile wealthy clients. She also ran an all-female bodyguard agency in which some of the bodyguards were trained by the ex-KGB, with the mere purpose of protecting the notable Russians and their families.

  • But sadly the last time she came into the headlines was at her demise at the age of 29 on 27 January 2008.

  • It was said that she was killed in a carjacking incident in Moscow by her enemies.

  • Until then she was considered the most famous female bodyguard all over Russia.

Polly Wilton - The military female bodyguard

  • The 35 years old mother-of-one trained with military police between 2004 and 2012 in Iraq.

  • After working with the military she started working for Intelligent Protection as a bodyguard.

  • She also did a Close Protection Course which is specifically for training people to be the army’s bodyguard.

  • She has always yearned for the physical challenges and always found different ways to prove herself.

  • Polly Wilton went on to join General Corps Nordic Skiing team and that too as a novice and later come out as a champion with a gold medal in skiing.

  • Today she runs a personal training business for both male and female bodyguards.

  • Also, she is about to launch a t-shirt of her own brand.

Lady Bardales

  • She was the bodyguard to Alejandro Toledo in 2005 while he was the president of Peru serving the Peruvian National Police.

  • Surrounded by rumors and controversies she was also sentenced to jail for illegal enrichment over her lavish lifestyle and she failed to show up in the court too and later put behind the bars.

  • But after a few months, all the charges against her were dropped due to lack of evidence.

The Revolutionary Nuns - The 40 lady bodyguards group

  • These are 40 green-uniformed female bodyguards knows as the ‘The Revolutionary Nuns’ who protect Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator.

  • He is known to surround himself with young women in order to deter Arab gunmen, this sounds like a film but this is true. Gaddafi himself hired these hot virgin female bodyguards which are why there were called The Revolutionary Nuns.

  • Not only had they were given special training in all aspects of combat, taught about guns and their handling, given mocks on how to handle the hairy situations.

  • All the guards were ready to lay their lives for the Libyan leader. These bodyguards could even make your knees go weak.

Emma Probert - The martial art expert lady bodyguard

  • Known for serving Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, she is said to be an expert in martial arts and escape tactics.

  • She was once a flight attendant like Kate’s mom, but she is a part of Personal Protection Officers in many security services for several years.

  • Before serving in Royal Protection Squad for Duchess Kate, she was assigned as a female bodyguard to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

  • Emma has been seen with Kate out and about all over the places and never leaves her side.

  • Her chic fashion sense also made her the part of princess’ stylish entourage.

Li Wenjing - Another martial art expert bodyguard

  • Coming from a martial arts background, she was looking for a way to put her training to use, and then she started serving as a bodyguard for elites.

  • She has been trained to go undercover as a stylish good friend or secretary in order to provide covert protection for the super-rich.

  • Wenjing looks more like an assassin than an undercover bodyguard when she wears a form-fitting black leather jacket with studded shoulders, leather pants, and platform boots.

  • She is the only combat-equipped female bodyguard in China, was once a former kickboxing champion.

Shu Xin - The prettiest one female guard

  • She has been dubbed as the prettiest one or you can say hot female bodyguard on social media.

  • But she is not only a beauty, she a trained agent and a female soldier from the People’s Liberation Army.

  • She came into the limelight when serving in the G-20 summit while guarding outside the car used by the Italian Prime Minister.

  • In 2013, Shu Xin was amidst the top 10 most glamorous People’s Liberation Army soldiers.

Maria Borrallo - The charming one - lady bodyguard

  • She is a warm and charming lady, whom people thought of as a nanny of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, when not in uniform.

  • But she is actually more than a nanny; she is a trained professional female bodyguard who is responsible for the security of the baby prince and princess.

  • She is trained in martial arts and is always in a high alert mode when it comes to her duties.

Sofia Loren Deliu  - The cute one on the list

  • Her journey started off as a model, later she studied at Philippine National Police Academy and is now serving in Regional Public Safety Battalion.

  • Going by the looks, she looks cute and harmless but no one can guess that she is trained in jungle survival, air support operations.

Lisa Baldwin - Great profile Female security guard

  • She was made to study Science but then she realized that it isn’t for her.

  • Lisa wanted a physical job and She is a trained swimmer.

  • Later she started looking for jobs where she can live by her terms and conditions and she found out about women choosing the profession of female bodyguards.

  • She herself is now a trained female bodyguard and runs the women’s branch of the International Bodyguard Association.

These days’ high profile people are looking to women for protection and there is a reason behind this is that women are more likely to be mistaken as nannies. And they can look at some situations closely where men are not allowed to enter. Female PPOs tends to be better at handling situations.

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