26 Mar

General Bipin Rawat

General Bipin Rawat completed three years as Army Chief on 31st December. He was appointed Chief of the Army on 31st December 2016. He will now serve as CDS till 2022. His main role will be to create synergy between the three armies (land, water, air).

26 Mar

Chief of Defense Staff (CDS)

In simple language, it will be the highest rank of the three armies. The Chief of Defense Staff is the only person who advises the government on defense plans and management. He will not only make coordinate in the three armies but will also be in touch with the government regarding manpower, equipment and action plans. In any operation, joint forces of the three armies will also be ensured. This will ensure synergy between the Intelligence Grid and National Security.

20 Feb


Special Protection Group

20 Feb


National Security Guards

10 Oct

Event security

Event security is much more than simply dotting the venue with security personnel. The process is quite complex and requires extensive coordination and communication. Identify all venue entry points for event security and ensure that all personnel is aware of them. Creating a diagram that you can share is an easy and effective way to give the team a visual understanding. If the venue is outside, establish boundaries of event protection where the event perimeter begins and ends. Temporary fencing and barricades may help.

10 Oct

Security Officer

A competent security officer is responsible for monitoring their premises and protecting its employees and visitors. Security officers will be responsible for detecting any suspicious behavior and preventing vandalism, theft or other criminal behavior. The security officer furthermore regularly regulates the premises to maintain order and establish attendance, monitor the entry of vehicles or people coming into your private place or office and removing wrongdoers or trespassers from the area.

10 Oct

Security guard Services

Security Guard Services consists of security companies and private security agencies providing security guards. Which helps you and your family to live a secure life. Security Guard Services has the duty of a guard assigned to you, along with your personal property, to provide security to you and your family.

10 Oct

Security Companies

Security companies have their haired security guards monitor and protect property against criminal activity and damage. They monitor the flow of people and employees and respond in emergency situations. The security company keeps track of all its assigned guards, monitors their work, and monitors all activities.

26 Sep

Celebrity Security Services

We believe that the best celebrity security protection is based on advance preparation and planning, timely information, contact with local authorities, and the use of highly trained professionals. We have found that most people do not like the "congestion" effect of security that seeks to smother or cover a protected person with a physical presence.

26 Sep

Celebrity Bodyguard

A celebrity bodyguard's life is anything but glamorous. At any given moment of notice, he should be able to separate obsessive fans from so-called regular fans, turn to a broken ankle on a private hike, or move luggage. The celebrity bodyguards, who spoke on condition of anonymity, mainly take care of the musicians. He also works with athletes, actors, and heads a company that protects clients who travel abroad, including artists on tour.

02 Sep

Security Guard Duties

Maintain the stability and reputation of the organization by complying with legal requirements. Ensuring operation of equipment by meeting preventive maintenance requirements, following manufacturer's instructions, Troubleshooting troubleshooting, Calling for repair, Evaluation of new tools and techniques.

02 Sep

Security Guard Responsibilities

A good security guard must be both clear and discrete at the same time. Positioning is important in high-traffic areas and creates a sense of security. Security guards are maintained for many types of security services such as Security services for guard, Security services for bouncer, Security Escort service, Security services for residence, Security services for office, Security services for the bank, Armed security services

02 Sep

Security Guard Jobs

Security guards conduct patrolling and surveillance activity at a place or property. They can use alarm and surveillance equipment, control a gate, or patrol a property on foot to ensure security on campus. Security guards also serve as a crime deterrent, watching for possible criminal acts.

02 Sep

Security Guard Skills

Paying time to understand the points being made, asking questions appropriately, and not interfering at inappropriate times, paying full attention to what others are saying. Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, approaches or approaches to problems.

29 Aug

Security Guard Training Course

Security guard jobs are required to complete the course, such as gun safety, handgun maintenance, grade procedures, and passing a written security exam and scores on live firing exercises.

13 Mar

Armed Security

Armed Security Guards are deployed in high-risk probability areas. These guards have a clean and valid commercial license from the government for the use of arms and they have proper training for the handling of firearms. Costly than unarmed guards due to the extra training they undergo for the handling of firearms.

12 Mar

Best Security

Best security means the kind of security that perfectly meets your needs. Because if you are getting a bodyguard when you need a bouncer, it is probably going to be a disaster.

12 Mar

Security Supervisor

As the name suggests, the security supervisor is a person who supervises and oversees the security of a particular place. They have security personnel under them who they keep in check.

12 Mar

Chief Security Officer

Chief Security Officer is responsible for overlooking all the security personnel deployed at a place and maintaining the functionality all the security equipment at the place.

12 Mar

Security Specialist

A person can be referred to as a security specialist if he or she is versed in the field of providing security and deals in it. They can be anyone from private personal bodyguards to an IT person providing security on a company’s network.

11 Mar

Security Controls

Security controls are the protective and preventive measures taken to protect an individual or a property and its valuables.

11 Mar

Security Rules

Security Rules are defined in the PSARA act defined in the constitution, and anyone serving in the private security sector has to follow these rules.

09 Oct

Security Act

PSARA is the security act in India that anyone serving in private security services has to follow. PSARA- Private security agencies regulation act.

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