13 Mar

Armed Security

Armed Security Guards are deployed in high-risk probability areas. These guards have a clean and valid commercial license from the government for the use of arms and they have proper training for the handling of firearms. Costly than unarmed guards due to the extra training they undergo for the handling of firearms.

12 Mar

Best Security

Best security means the kind of security that perfectly meets your needs. Because if you are getting a bodyguard when you need a bouncer, it is probably going to be a disaster.

12 Mar

Security Supervisor

As the name suggests, the security supervisor is a person who supervises and oversees the security of a particular place. They have security personnel under them who they keep in check.

12 Mar

Chief Security Officer

Chief Security Officer is responsible for overlooking all the security personnel deployed at a place and maintaining the functionality all the security equipment at the place.

12 Mar

Security Specialist

A person can be referred to as a security specialist if he or she is versed in the field of providing security and deals in it. They can be anyone from private personal bodyguards to an IT person providing security on a company’s network.

11 Mar

Security Controls

Security controls are the protective and preventive measures taken to protect an individual or a property and its valuables.

11 Mar

Security Rules

Security Rules are defined in the PSARA act defined in the constitution, and anyone serving in the private security sector has to follow these rules.

11 Mar

Security Act

PSARA is the security act in India that anyone serving in private security services has to follow. ( put a link to PSARA here ) PSARA- Private security agencies regulation act.

11 Mar

Security Agency

Security Agencies are the corporations that provide professionals who specialize in different security services to anyone needing security services. Obviously, such services are provided for a price.

08 Mar

Security Personnel

All the manpower deployed at any place by an agency or an organization for the sole reason of protection of that place, property and people are the security personnel.

08 Mar

Security Organization

Any kind of organization dealing in providing paid security to others in any form is a security organization. These organizations also research and develop new inventions in the field of security.

08 Mar

Security Training

Security Training refers to the training given to aspirants of the private security sector. The training might include hand to hand combat, handling of firearms, tactical encounters training etcetera. It all depends on the field chosen by the aspirant in the sector.

06 Mar

Office Security

Office Security refers to protecting an office’s property, employers and customers from vandalism, theft, arson or any kind of threats. It also refers to protecting the workplace’s integrity and preventing any kind of sabotage from inside or outside.

06 Mar

Private Security Companies

As the government security forces are proving inadequate every day to provide security 24/7 at particular places, private security firms are coming ahead to serve security to such places for a fixed amount of money. The private security industry is growing tremendously day by day.

06 Mar

Private Bodyguard

Private bodyguard is hired by an individual for their personal protection against any kind of physical threat. Such bodyguards are paid by the employer and will only protect those for whom they are paid to protect.

06 Mar

VIP security

VIP security refers to providing protection to a person or their family to ensure their peace of mind and security, who has an elevated status in the society due to their political stature, their business stature, being a celebrity or otherwise being well known and having a high-profile.

05 Mar

Business Security

Business Security refers to the Private Security hired for any private business or enterprise, and the equipment and the personnel deployed to protect the business’s property, valuables, employees and employer against all kinds of threats, physical damage etcetera.

05 Mar

Security Devices

Devices invented for the sole purpose of protection of a particular thing or a particular person from physical damage, threats, or anything else that could cause any kind of loss to the person or their property etcetera. Example: pepper sprays, modern SOS signals etcetera.

01 Mar

Security Guard Training

Security Guard Training refers to the training given to any aspirant trying to join and serve in the private security sector. The type of training depends on the type of field work ( gunman, security guard, bodyguard etc. ) the newbie will be doing. But the common aspect taught in all types of security training is to be more alert, calm in tense situations and being in control and aware of your environment.

01 Mar

Security Business

The private security industry is comprised of agencies and the professionals that the agencies have. Agencies do deals with the clients needing security services and then provide professionals according to the client’s needs. Different professionals have particular skill sets and are fit for different kinds of security services.

01 Mar

Public security

Public security refers to the security provided by the Government forces or not for profit organizations solely for the purpose of providing security to the public visiting the particular premises that are being protected by such organizations. Such security is not available for private commercial places.

27 Feb

Apartment security

Apartment security refers to the security of multiple residential infrastructures in one building. Flats are becoming common these days, as they are cheaper than separate houses on separate lands and have a benefit of various facilities. Security guards are needed at these places to safeguard the various parked vehicles of the residents in the designated parking space of the building. Also, the security guards make sure that no one else except the residents of the building or their guests can use the parking space. These security guards also do a regular check of the building and make sure that all the security equipment like surveillance cameras and fire alarms etcetera are working properly. Doing regular rounds of the property during the day, security guards make sure that no one unwanted is loitering in the property.

27 Feb

Personal Security

Personal Security refers to security hired by an individual or a group of individuals to safeguard themselves, their acquaintance, their property or their personal belongings against any kind of crimes. Personal security might also refer to the security hired at any private event.

27 Feb

Commercial Security

Commercial security refers to the security hired for any commercial place or business like shops, restaurants, banks, high profile sporting events, paid museums and paid zoos etcetera. The security required here depends on the type of crowd and risk probability factor. You will need armed guards for safeguarding a bank (high-risk probability ) whereas at a museum (low-risk probability and a big crowd ) unarmed guards are the perfect choice for security and helping customers out.

26 Feb

Security Facilities

Security facilities are the profession for both the government agencies and of a private agency. The skills needed for security facility work in the public and private divisions are basically the same, and personnel with experience in one area are normally able to move smoothly into the other. Not all security facilitator personnel are same, the more sensitive areas being observed, and the more expensive or potentially threatening contents, the higher the skills needed of the individuals who guarantee its security.

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