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Job Description

Bouncers is a like security guard that works at hotels, clubs, bars, casinos, and music venues to help keep order and make sure everyone is safe and has a good time. They observe people by checking I.D.s and cover charge at the door, make sure nobody is acting aggressively or destructively and defends property and accessories from destruction.

A bouncer's responsibilities are to provide security, to check legal age, to deny entry for inebriated persons, and to deal with aggressive behavior or non-compliance with legal or established rules. 

A Bouncer Is Also known as doormen. bouncers may produce a description of tasks and functions including.


Bouncers often work the door and must talk to people, ask for ID and take cover charge. In addition, they will need to talk to unruly patrons and possibly communicate with police if an altercation happens.

Bouncers need to be able to determine what to do quickly before a situation gets out of control.

Bouncers must be trusted by their employer not to allow underage people into the club, or to let someone who is getting out of control stay on premises.

Bouncers need to be on the lookout for trouble, be able to see false identification, and generally be aware of their surroundings.

If a physical altercation happens, bouncers need to be able to break up fights and physically eject people from the building or restrain them until the police can arrive.

Controlling the flow of patrons into the establishment to prevent overcrowding

Education + Experience

Decision Making Skills: The bouncer should be able to determine the best course of action quickly, on the emergence of a dangerous situation.

Patience: Bouncers may need to spend long periods standing and observing their environment without distractions.

Observation skills: Bouncer must be alert and aware of their surroundings, and be able to quickly recognize anything out of the ordinary.

Physical strength: A bouncer must be strong enough to apprehend offenders and to handle emergency situations.

Be at least 18 years old.

Pass an identity check.

Pass a criminal record check.

Have a recognized door supervisor qualification.

Other Benefits

Depends on the club/environment and who you are as a person.


Meet some quiet people and increase your network. You can see the program in Pub or an event free. There is also an opportunity to talk to celebrities coming to an event. Listen to free music from EDM to Viking Metal Can Network In Corporate Events You can earn a lot of money and in some cases, you never have to line up in pub and clubs.

Job Summary

  • Published on: June 17, 2019, 7:29 p.m.
  • Vacancy: 1
  • Employment Status: Fulltime
  • Experience: 2 to 3 year(s)
  • Job Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Salary: 13000
  • Gender: Any
  • Application Deadline: Dec. 31, 2020

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  • Address: Mansarovar Plaza, 405, 4th floor Mansarovar Sector 7, Mansarovar
  • Profile: Skydda Security Troops Pvt. Ltd.
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