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Hiring Bodyguard | Bodyguard job for security purpose

Job Description

A bodyguard is a personal security officer who protects clients from such threats as an attack, crime, kidnapping, and stalking. Bodyguards defend by assessing threats, planning routes and searching cars and buildings. Ideally, preparation and appearance are all that is necessary to counter an attack, but bodyguards also must be prepared to use force if necessary. 


If you wanna a bodyguard then you must have some skills and responsibilities like:

Ability to operate detecting systems and emergency equipment, 

Extensive working knowledge of public safety and security procedures/protocols, 

Integrity, professionalism, and character beyond reproach. 

Your job might include checking the background of anyone who has personal contact with the client, making sure people have been verified to deal with the client.

Watch for signs of crime or disorder, investigate disturbances

Act as a consistent presence to deter criminals

Evict violators of rules and regulations

Report any suspicious/unusual occurrences to authorities and management

Patrol premises randomly and regularly, including buildings and perimeter

Monitor and control access to building entrances and vehicle gates

Operate metal detectors and x-ray machines, as needed

Monitor alarm systems and video cameras

Perform first-aid or CPR if needed

Education + Experience

You do not need any formal education or degree to become a bodyguard. but as a bodyguard you must have training in defense, weaponry and combat are required in almost every case. In Criminal Justice, one of the education workers gives an advantage in getting job opportunities. Training for the bodyguards can be provided by private security companies to their current or potential employees and includes unarmed combat, threat assessment, and classes in first aid. you must have some skills like:

Experience in the field of battle and protection, 

Excellent vision and hearing, 

Strong physical shape

Other Benefits

As a bodyguard for an important client or a celebrity, many doors will open for you which contrarily will not be available for an average Joe. A letter or a phone call from your client will give you so many perks and opportunities. As a bodyguard, you will be working very intimately with your client. You may work as their secretary, driver, confidant, assistant. 

You will also get the chance to travel to places where you will never in your lifetime able to travel unless you are attending a celebrity.

Most people see celebrities only through televisions or movies. As a bodyguard during the course of your duty, you will able to meet and mingle with other celebrities whom your client is meeting with.

By doing a brave accomplishment to protect a high profile client, you yourself can become a hero. You will be interviewed by TV channels. Depending on who you are protecting, you may even be able to write a book about your experience.

Job Summary

  • Published on: June 15, 2019, 7:47 p.m.
  • Vacancy: 1
  • Employment Status: Fulltime
  • Experience: 2 to 3 year(s)
  • Job Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, Rajasthan
  • Salary: 20000
  • Gender: Any
  • Application Deadline: Dec. 31, 2020

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  • Address: Mansarovar Plaza, 405, 4th floor Mansarovar Sector 7, Mansarovar
  • Profile: Skydda Security Troops Pvt. Ltd.
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